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  1. Awesome.. where can I buy Joels jacket?! theunknown - 17:39 27/07/2009
  2. Love it! xxx creaturefeatures - 2:24 05/08/2009
  3. She's gorgeous! Song isn't bad either =) kris - 19:42 19/08/2009
  4. Really enjoying new single ...can't wait for next Wednesday very excited! Forgotten how much I liked this band! albie - 18:08 25/08/2009
  5. Wouldn't say gorgeous... But can't go into any more detail or they'll delete my account :(. Song's fantastic, though, keep it up ATHLETE! jan - 2:45 02/09/2009
  6. i love this song xx krissie - 14:26 28/09/2009
  7. Perfectly beautiful. I'm talking about the lyrics as well as the video. What else is there to say? ann - 19:26 07/10/2009
  8. A real grower, this one. I wasn't sure about it when the album first came out, but for me now its one of the highlights of the album.......and what a great video to go with it........great stuff lads.... pete - 18:05 29/10/2009
  9. This brought a tear to my eye. My grandfather stormed the beach at Normandy on D-Day, still alive today. I have so much appreciation for what he did and who he is. It makes me sad to think that their generation is almost gone. But, we can continue to carry the torch for them. Thanks. holidayatsea - 23:20 11/11/2009
  10. Never in my life has my heart, my soul... my 'flesh and bones' --- ever been affected so immediately by a song, a melody and lyrics as "The Getaway'. My God! Everything about me, my life, my career and... my relationship has been graciously restored because this song has touched my heart in such a profound way. I had given up. Then, I had fought. Then--- just when I knew I had lost--- I had won... and I won big! My life, my soul... my family... are all the richer because of how this pierce - 1:18 20/02/2010
  11. Great video! I have enjoyed listenting to the "Black Swan " album. Athlete has their own unique style of music that's different than all the rest. I hope to see you when you tour this summer in Atlanta, GA. Joel - great attitude! dana - 21:55 26/05/2010
  12. I went to see you guys at Nottingham, Rock City last night and to be honest I was gutted. You guys were great, I was disapointed with the turn out, only half the place was filled and they closed up stairs due to lack of ticket sales! You guys seemed to have an attitude that you felt your days were numbered too with your interaction with the crowd! I honestly think its an injustice that your not topping the charts. You guys write incredible songs and if being honest are'nt Coldplay but are'n jakebullet - 2:27 20/11/2010
  13. No point in writing comments if they cant be seen! Not encouraging! jakebullet - 2:33 20/11/2010
  14. When are you coming to Australia? - Think about a few regional gigs!!! Like Newcastle!!!! matt71 - 7:48 22/12/2010

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