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Release Date: 23/06/2003
Label: Parlophone/ Astralwerks/ Capitol Records (EMI)
Formats: CD, 12"

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"Westside" is on Athlete's debut album, Vehicles and Animals. It was also released 23 June 2003 as the fifth single from that album, peaking at #42 in the UK Singles Chart. The song originally appeared as the lead track on their debut EP.

The song itself could be seen as intentionally ironic with its main lyric of "Wherever you look, everybody wants to be part of the rock scene", as at the time of the singles release processed pop was frequently dominating the charts.

Produced by: Vince Van Vugt, Athlete 

# 42 UK Singles Chart

Track Listing

CD1, 12"

  1. Westside
  2. Count Me In
  3. Westside (Elbow Mix)
  4. Westside (Video) (CD Only)


  1. Westside (Live On Radio 1)
  2. Vehicles And Animals (Live at ULU)
  3. One Million (Live On Radio 2)