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The Getaway EP (UK)

Release Date: 14/06/2010
Label: Fiction
Formats: Vinyl & download


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  1. Corner Of my baby's eye is absolutely Brilliant. eugenenoguera - 21:54 16/08/2010
  2. Thanks for the signed album:) When will it be available to the US itunes?? can't download from the UK:( HELP! dana - 1:08 28/08/2010
  3. Guys, really, I DO LOVE YOUR ART but... how come your EP and singles are impossible to buy mp3 dload outside UK?? Also, there will be any chance ever you come playing in Italy T__T kangurello - 0:46 15/11/2010
  4. the Re-Work of The Getaway is just brilliant! and when do you guys come visit Holland again? last time I've missed you :( daanebbers - 18:49 26/04/2011
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10" vinyl available from

Track Listing


  1. The Getaway (US radio mix)
  2. Somewhere Beneath My SKin
  3. Corner of My Baby's Eyes
  4. With You I Never Lose
  5. The Getaway (Athlete Re-Work)