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Black Swan

Release Date: 24/08/2009
Label: Fiction
Formats: CD, Deluxe CD and LP


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  1. Love the artwork - every time I look at it I see something different theunknown - 17:42 27/07/2009
  2. not long to wait until it's out, you guys were great at Somerset House, the rain stopped just in time. phew! sams - 14:37 29/07/2009
  3. Can't wait! theadz01 - 17:15 04/08/2009
  4. Is there a mistake in the track listing; isn't 8 and 9 supposed to be one track called "The Awkward Goodbye"? Athlete is my favorite band, one of the best I've ever heard! Can't wait! gus.ghanem - 23:23 04/08/2009
  5. The artwork and the logo are beautiful... I wonder who designed it!. Sorry for feel curiosity! but is such brilliant aww! val_ - 0:48 05/08/2009
  6. Love the artwork, sort of reminds me of the M180! To me you've just gone from the band I love to actually, my favourite band, love you guys, Joel your voice is amazing. For me, Beyond the Neighborhood was just the soundtrack of 2007. Black Swan will be on every playlist I make for 2009! x creaturefeatures - 2:09 05/08/2009
  7. This is an album bursting with songs to be sung live..................roll on Jimmy's, can't wait............... pete - 23:06 07/08/2009
  8. Thoroughly hacked off the signed copies of the album have sold out - crap! hubbard - 0:22 12/08/2009
  9. The Oxford gig was pure kwality. Are there plans to play in NYC anytime soon? We're moving there in September and it would be great to see you there. thabsy - 9:19 14/08/2009
  10. this album sounds wicked! the new songs played live at the norwich gig were superb.Can't wait for V it was where i first discovered athlete about five years ago! ben - 12:17 16/08/2009
  11. I'm very excited can't wait until Monday. I will be outside HMV at 9am. kirm - 8:20 19/08/2009
  12. Just in answer to "Val's" question.... I know the artist she's great her name is "NATASHA KISSELL". Her website is: Although she hasn't uploaded her new work yet. Just saw the advert on Spotify... looks great! anneke - 15:22 22/08/2009
  13. Just been listening to Black Swan on Spotify. I have delux ed on order. This is classic Athlete. Energy, positivity, inspirational, thought provoking. From the Nottingham gig in June I just loved Black Swan Song. Thanks Athlete. (And ignore the Times Playlist critic. He must have been listening to a different album!) talmandan - 23:09 24/08/2009
  14. Oh ,Thank you so much Anneke! :D val_ - 3:11 25/08/2009
  15. hey guys ,, i am ahmed a big fan 4rom egypt, i luv ur music very much...hope 2 meet u some day.. keep it up and keep making good music as usual.... ahmed - 23:43 29/08/2009
  16. Got my signed copy of the album to add to my collection of Athlete goodies!! I also have The Outsiders EP and a signed Tokyo vinyl too! Really love the album, hope to see them soon. tehjoe11 - 21:12 31/08/2009
  17. I've only had my deluxe copy for a day now and it is so touching, listening it from top to bottom. What a beautiful collection of stories. Thanks, Joel, Tim, Steve and Carey. gatourist - 1:38 02/09/2009
  18. what a great album! athlete get better and better!! love every song! im getting more and more into athlete now! hope i can come and see yous in december! :D oasisbobo - 20:17 02/09/2009
  19. It has taken a few listens to get into and fully appreciate some of the tracks but really enjoying the album. Favourite track The Unknown. Thanks nigelp999 - 22:54 03/09/2009
  20. Oxford gig - Outstanding! Best gig i have been to in 27 years! Loving the new album! Thanks guys, keep up the excellent work. bob_e70 - 10:14 06/09/2009
  21. love the new album! ilmar - 7:37 17/09/2009
  22. i think u r perfect! i feel no pain with ur music :)! dusts - 8:47 17/09/2009
  23. When is Black Swan releasing on iTunes in the USA??? I've been checking every day and it's still not there!! There are thousands of Yanks who love your music too... HELP!!! tedgerton - 1:32 23/09/2009
  24. ???????? tindrum - 5:12 24/09/2009
  25. elegence with life vitality tindrum - 5:23 24/09/2009
  26. and all my friends and family carried me, carried me home, carried me home... love you guys, you've always had an album out at every massive juncture in my life, your my soundtrack! loved you since vehicles and animals! creaturefeatures - 2:28 27/09/2009
  27. Cannot believe some of the 'reviews' of this album on the's a slow burning classic, give it time guys! Awesome from start to finish. Cheers guys! andyjam - 21:51 29/09/2009
  28. Carey Willetts gave me his pick the 17th october 2009 at the concert in Paris! He gave me the songs list that they played too! He played wires with it, Thanks a lot Carey! And this album is amazing! vincentmcdoop - 9:24 18/10/2009
  29. Love Athlete! I'm so glad I found "Athlete" on Itunes in the US. I listen to it over and over. I've been telling everyone I know about this great album. Keep up the good work! If anyone knows - I have a question?? Who (in the band) wrote the lyrics to "Awkward Goodbye"?? Joel sounds AWESOME! dana - 22:18 26/05/2010
  30. To answer my own question :) I asked Joel who wrote the lyrics to "Awkward Goodbye" HE DID! Awesome with many others he wrote. Loved seeing and talking to you at the Vinyl in Atlanta, Ga on June 29th. Thanks so much Joel for giving me your guitar pick when you were packing up to go and for the pictures. Thanks for being patient and answering my questions at the stage. Your a great guy. My brother " Jimmy" you spoke too about being a DR. WHO fan loves your song "Chances" on the June dana - 3:28 03/07/2010
  31. episode. GREAT CONCERT!!! I love you Athlete - your great! ;) dana - 3:34 03/07/2010
  32. Great words to 'Black Swan Song'. Immediately pulled out your previous CD's to listen to 'Wires' - I forgot how good these songs are lyrically. Looking forward to the next CD rolan - 8:13 05/08/2011
  33. Any chance of sheet music for this album - its sensational! topcat1308 - 19:01 12/09/2011
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*** "They've turned the sweepometer up to 11 and increased the anthem count by a factor of 100" The Guardian ***

Since rising to prominence seven years ago with the spirited, electro-tinged, indie-pop of their Mercury-nominated debut, ‘Vehicles And Animals’, Athlete have established themselves among the UK's finest songsmiths. The south east Londoners have sold more than a million copies of their three hit albums (the other two being 2005's ‘Tourist’ and 2007's ‘Beyond The Neighbourhood’), packed out venues across the land; picked up an Ivor Novello award; and topped both the UK's album and airplay charts.

Athlete worked on their new album ‘Black Swan’ with esteemed American producer Tom Rothrock (Foo Fighters, Elliot Smith, Elbow, Beck), who'd been convinced to come along for the ride after falling in love with some acoustic demos. Together they made an album which positively glows with snagging melodies, rich musicality and the band's heartfelt tales of their own black swan events. The album kicks off with the hurtling FM rush of glorious first single, ‘Superhuman Touch’, which catapults the album into life with the opening line, "I'm on fire and nothing's gonna hold me back". ‘Black Swan’ is released on CD, Deluxe CD (with bonus disc of new tracks) and Vinyl LP and features art taken from a painting by Natasha Kissell

Track Listing

  1. Superhuman Touch
  2. The Getaway
  3. Black Swan Song
  4. Don't Hold Your Breath
  5. Love Come Rescue
  6. Light The Way
  7. The Unknown
  8. The Awkward Goodbye
  9. Magical Mistakes
  10. Rubik's Cube